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   How to Use ( English Version )
R.S. Pathy Naturo cures naturally with 'High Quality, Fast Relief'. R.S. Pathy Naturo is now used over 90 years as a famous family medicine by millions of people and it serves as a family doctor if kept ready at home. It could be administered without any restriction of diet and without any considerations to season, climate, or country etc. It is the king of all pain balms and remedies.

For common cold in children, Rub R.S.PATHY NATURO on chest and back R.S.PATHY NATURO especially good in relieving cold and cough. Apply twice daily.
For relief from headache apply two or three drops on the forehead and rub gently. Repeat this twice or thrice daily.
For Physical Tiresomeress due to long walk or hard labor (or) sports activity (or) any other reason take bath in hot water mixed with some drops of R.S.PATHY NATURO. You will feel immediately relieved of body pain & feel refreshed.
For Swelling and all other pains and inflammation add two caps of this Medicine and half rint of hot water in closed bottle, snake well and saturate a cleancloth with this and apply over the painful parts repeating it is as often as it is evoporated.
It relives pains in the legs, Rheumatic pain, sprains, swellings and pains due to any cause, Massage R.S.PATHY NATURO briskly on affected area. Repeat this twice or thrice daily.
For Wound, apply and clean the wound with R.S.PATHY NATURO daily. You will get relief from wound soon.
For Common cold and cough apply and rub R.S. PATHY NATURO in affected areas in nose & Chest twice or thrice daily.
For Sinus apply a few drops of the R.S.PATHY NATURO mixed with 3 drops of coconut oil for one or two days over the nose. Add few drops of R.S.PATHY NATURO to a hot water bowl, cover the head with a towel and inhale the Penetrating vapours to relieve the sinus problem twice daily.