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If you’re in the market for a new job, we have some good news: Lots of companies have open roles and they’re hiring web developers this summer! We understand this process can be difficultThat’s why we are here to help guide you.

One of the best places to find web developer roles in new, fast-growing startups angel list, You simply enter your location, job title and other filters to find potential job matches. This time around, we’ve done some research to make your life a little easier. Here are six interesting tech companies across the United States that hire web developers and software engineers:

1. Robin

Robin, headquartered in Boston, MA, seeks to fill a number of software engineering roles. A look at their open positions Here,

Robin provides scheduling for offices and everything in them. It’s already used by companies like Netflix, Kayak and Sonos to help them manage their conference rooms.

What’s so interesting about Robin?

Robin’s team describes themselves as hardworking, self-driven developers who are hungry to learn more day by day. They are big on feedback and are always looking for ways to improve their code. Robin also gives employees the ability to work with multiple technologies and languages, which is great for professional development!

2. wow

woven, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is recruiting Web Developers. You can learn more about open positions Here,

Wove has a mission: To transform the business world from separate companies working in isolation into communities of companies working together for mutual success, To achieve this goal, Wove is working to build the largest network for inter-brand collaboration in the world.

What’s interesting about the Vov?

Wove is a community-focused company and its mission extends to its employees as well. Here are some of the features that Vov claims:

  • They’ll take you every year somewhere new in the world—wherever you want to go
  • Unlimited PTO
  • They will buy your smartphone for you
  • Annual Team Camping Trip Somewhere Fantastic
  • Health benefits fully covered
  • Strong pay and significant equity

3. Cortex

cortex Based in Boston, MA and hiring for a few different software engineering jobs. View postings and job descriptions Here,

Social media marketing often follows three phases: planning, content creation and execution. With Cortex, companies automate both planning and execution using Cortex’s patent-pending algorithms, providing in-depth insight and creative guidance.

What is interesting about the cortex?

Cortex is a trendy startup that is changing the way companies handle social media. Since the Cortex team serves as an extension of its client’s social media teams, it is filled with creative, out-of-the-box thinkers.

4. Latch

Latch Seeks to fill multiple engineering roles at its New York, NY headquarters. Read more about open positions Here,

Latch is creating a new security category by combining simple hardware and powerful software to create smart access products.

What’s interesting about the latch?

Latch provides a sense of camaraderie across departments and encourages team players to join their company. The culture can be described as humble and everyone believes in working towards a goal.

Latch also boasts Thomas Meyerhofer, an award-winning designer, as a co-founder. This means that all your difficult development work will be presented beautifully.

5. Notarized

notarized, based in Boston, MA, seeks to onboard software engineers in a variety of roles. A look at their open positions Here,

Notarize is the first legal online notary public platform and online mortgage closing service. Users can simply upload a document, prove their identity, fill out the document, and connect with a licensed Virginia Electronic Notary by live video call. Sign in front of an agent who will then legally notarize your document. When done, share your document by email, save to Dropbox, or print and submit manually.

What is interesting about Notarize?

Notarize boasts of a “superb culture and working environment” as noted in several glassdoor review, The company has a community feel and offers great benefits, commuter assistance, a pet-friendly office, among other benefits! Plus you get to work to improve an industry that causes frustration for a lot of people.

6. Relevant

Relevant Hiring Full-Stack Web Developers in New York, NY. Take a look at job postings Here,

Builds smart, simple software for relevant healthcare organizations. The company takes your data from tainted electronic records systems and turns it into actionable insights for doctors, clinics and hospitals.

What’s Interesting About Relevant?

Relevant’s employees have an inherent love for organizations and systems. It is everyone’s desire to improve healthcare with a focus on equality and social justice. As a company, Relevant believes that emotions matter a lot, so they are looking for people who are easy to work with and whom others have always wanted on their team (which is important for us). Sounds like a nice work environment!).

So there you have it; Six Startups That Are Growing Fast And Hiring Web Developers Like You To Join Their Team! However, it’s only the first step in the process of landing that new gig. Be prepared to research the company thoroughly until you’re confident you’re ready for that first interview.

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Happy job searching!