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If you have a WordPress website and want to see how users find and use your website, then Google Site Kit is the right WordPress plugin for you. Google Sites Kit helps you set up and use easy-to-understand metrics to help you grow your online presence.

Google officially announced that Site Kit is available for everyone to install from the WordPress plugin directory. You can visit the official site of Google this link,

What is Google Site Kit?

Google Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin launched by Google. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool and delivers information about how people find and use your site, how to improve and monetize your content, right in your WordPress dashboard.

Is Site Kit useful for a WordPress website?

Site Kit is a WordPress plugin and makes it easy to set up and configure major Google products. It gives you authoritative and up-to-date advice on how to be successful on the web using Google Site Kit.

What Kinds of Features Are Available in the Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin?

Google Site Kit WordPress plugin is developed to provide easy search console, website analytics and page speed reports, optimize, tag manager and inbuilt Ad Sense support. Here are the details of all the features that the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin will provide to those who are using the WordPress website.

search console data

Measures your website’s Google search traffic and performance

analytics report

Tells you how users find, use, and engage with your website

page speed report

Analyzes your site and suggests ways to make it faster

easy adsense setup

It helps you to earn money from your online content by setting up Google AdSense setup.

If you are a website development business and your client uses WordPress websites then Google Site Kit is the one-stop solution for deploying, managing and gaining insights from important Google tools.

What are the benefits of using Google Sites Kit?

It’s made easy connection to official Google tools. It’s getting easier for your customers that they don’t have to edit the source code to set up Google Tools. Benefit from the added value for your platform.

Your customers get important information about how their site is performing in your own dashboard. It provides flexible UI with attractive design and dashboard. You can pull stats from the plugin dashboard and display statistics natively in your platform’s UI.

How to Download Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin?

You can download the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin from the Google official site or the WordPress Plugins area. Find the link below to download Site Kit plugin from WordPress site.

Click Here To Download Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin
Click Here to Download Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin from Github

Click here to visit the official website of Google Site Kit

How to set up Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin?

There are two ways to setup the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin:

a) Installation from within WordPress

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Search Site Kit by Google.
  • Install and activate the Site Kit by Google plugin.

b) manual installation

  • Upload the entire google-sites-kit folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Go to Plugins.
  • Activate the Site Kit by Google Plugin.

Which version of PHP or WordPress does Google Site Kit support?

Now Version: 1.0.3 Google Site Kit is available and it already shows 50,000+ active installations. It supports WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher and Tested: 5.3 PHP Version: 5.4 or higher PHP Version.

Google Site Kit Plugin Review:

The Google Site Kit plugin has an average review rating of 3.5 according to WordPress.

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