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Payment gateway is the essential requirement for everything you need to sell online with online payment option. This article will be perfect for the beginners who do not know much about the free payment gateway service provider in India.
There are many payment gateway options but I have selected very few as per my research on payment gateway pricing. Some of them offer zero setup fee payment gateway services and no annual fee. How do you think this is possible?

Before I give you any more information, you need to know what is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a type of merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card, debit card, online direct payment processing for online businesses, retailers and individual service providers. free ad posting Website.

Some payment gateway service providers charge a transaction fee for transactions made through your website or app. And they earn from every transaction done by the application. That’s why they provide free services. Many other payment gateway providers charge a one-time fee but it costs more for a few transactions per year.

Which is the best option to buy a payment gateway with a one-time fee or per transaction?

As per my opinion, if your business has few transactions per year then go with per transaction option as it costs very less amount per year. And if you have multiple transactions in your business which is equivalent to a one-time payment fee then go with that option.

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1) Payumani

Payumney is the most reliable and affordable online payment gateway for website and mobile app in India. Its pricing model is based on flat transaction rates and zero amount of setup fees, zero amount annual fee and 1% additional fee on Amex cards.

Payumney is trusted by many brands like Cleartrip, Yatra, Mantra and Reliance etc. Payumoney allows you to integrate payment gateways for your online business with zero setup and maintenance charges. It also offers solutions for card swipe machines (for drop or delivery business) and easy billing software (a billing solution that works from your phone). The card swipe machine can be used for POS which is linked to any bank and also works with mobile SIM cards.

2) EBS

EBS also provides online payment gateway services with zero setup fee. Partner with India’s highest paid services. Ebs is trusted by many online businesses in India like Policy Bazaar, Bharatividyapeeth, Indiaflower etc. We would also like to recommend some direct payday loan companies that will provide you a safe and reliable service when it comes to short term loans and long term loans. MCA Bridge.

EBS is a free online payment service provider and charges only 2% or 3% depending on credit card and international card. You can find out more about this pricing on the EBS website. It provides features like multilingual pages and responsive web design which is compatible with all smart devices.

3) Payubies

PayUbiz is also an affordable payment gateway service provider for India and International payments. PayUbiz plans have good pricing option with only one-time setup fee and integration fee. It is not completely free, but it does offer fees on a percentage of the commission amount based on the transaction.

4) Zakpe

It supports both Webpay payment gateway for website and MPA payment gateway for mobile app.


zaakpay accepts payments through net-banking and credit and debit cards including all Indian and international accepted cards of MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Diner. More than 52 Indian major banks supported for net banking with optimized payment flow. Zakpay is easy to integrate and has nice dashboards and APIs.


It supports mobile web browser based, in app for Android and iPhone mobile applications.

Benefits of using web pay

Multiple card and net banking payment options to suit your needs. Intuitive dashboards and APIs to manage your payment operations, optimized payment flows to entice your customers and efforts to enhance payment conversions, managed payment analytics and fraud detection services