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Web design trends change every year in terms of graphic and design style. Obviously in 2020, we will see these changes from designers who constantly play with design styles and techniques.

As per my research there are already some of the biggest web design trends in 2020 like dark mode, 3D elements, solid frames of white space, soft shadows, layers and floating elements, mixing photography with graphics, glowing, luminous color schemes etc. .

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I chose this article for the popular neon fonts and designers can use them for the bright, dazzling color schemes that will be trending in 2020.

As the designer you can use these glowing neon fonts and neon effects to create deep and moody color schemes that will fit perfectly according to the design trends of 2020.

Highly saturated colors in combination with deep neon glitter and deep, muted colors will give the design a dazzling feel and make the web design more bold and daring

What is neon font?

Neon Font is a neon light typeface designed to create a decent glowing effect on a dark background.

In this article I will list 4 types of neon fonts which include Neon Retro Font, Neon Light Font, Neon Sign Font and Neon SVG Font.

15 Best Neon Fonts to Download

1) Neon Sign Effects

We can use it on simple text, shapes and vector logos.

Create a great poster or flyer, a Facebook cover, a magazine title or a website banner and give them a radical neon light touch.

We can see this type of font for neon signs in arcades, motels, Tropicana cocktail clubs, diners, Chinese restaurants, vinyl stores, Irish pubs, nightclubs, and pizza houses.

This neon sign effect will give unique feeling.

It includes 9 different pre-made neon signs.

Download Neon Sign Font Bundle

2) Neon Tubes – Neon Light Font

Neon Tube - Neon Light Font

Neon Tube is a typeface inspired by the neon light signs of the real world.

Neon Font Lite has minimal letter forms with smooth rounded corners and is true to real neon tubes.

Neon Tube font is perfect for adding your own glowing light effects or can be used to design really real world neon signs.

Download Neon Light Font Bundle

3) Nightlife Decorative Neon Font

nightlife decorative neon font

This neon font is the warmth and comfort of the neon signs present in Nightlife font with the energy of modern style.

The font supports Latin and most European language characters. All characters are perfectly balanced and can be used as any other font.

Decorative Neon Font has 6 weights that will help you choose the optimal size for different cases.

This neon font appeared due to the romanticism of twentieth-century lampposts.

Download Neon Light Font Bundle

4) Neon – An Outline Font Bundle

Neon - An Outline Font Bundle

Neon Outline Font Bundle with all caps, modern and edgy groupings of bold san serifs.

Neon Font Bundle includes 5 sister fonts each with their own unique qualities.

These neon fonts are perfect for editorial use, logos or bold headings on your website or printed material.

This font bundle includes:

  • Neon Regular – 3D Version Font
  • Neon Solid – Original bold all caps font, pairs perfectly
  • Neon Outline – Modern Single Outline Style
  • Neon Shadow – Solid 3D Version Font
  • Neon Double – Modern and Unique Double Outline Font

Download Neon Sign Font Bundle

5) Hastron Neon Monoline Script Font

Hestron Neon Monoline Script Font

Neon monoline script with a calligraphy style looks beautiful in invitation cards, greeting cards, binding materials and business cards.

Neon Monoline Script Font has OpenType features such as Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, SWASH, and Ligatures.

It can be accessed by Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw X Edition, and Microsoft Word

Neon Monoline font is available in both OTF and TTF formats.

Download Neon Monoline Script Font Bundle

6) Neon Typeface Font

neon typeface font

Neon Typeface is a full pack font to use in your projects.

This bundle includes Neon Font, Neon Sign Font, Neon Mounting Font 400, Neon Sign Mounting Font 400. All these neon fonts are in .otf format.

The neon-wise typeface, bicolor signs and their matching soaring elements have been carefully crafted to create a realistic experience.

Download Neon Typeface Font Bundle

7) Neon Font (file.otf)

Neon Font (file.otf)

This is capital letter and character font.

Each would be on a separate layer with all the letters on a board: 16700 x 11600 px, 300 px/calorie.

It is neon font with rounded corners with smooth outline.

Download Neon Font Bundle

8) neon font with sign collection

neon font with sign collection

The Neon Font and Sign collection has everything you need to start creating beautiful neon lettering for any situation.

The basis of the entire collection is Neon Tube, our best-selling neon font.

This neon font is highly detailed neon text effect, a neon sign mock-up with extra connectors and cables and more.

This Neon Font Bundle includes:

  • neon tube font
  • neon text effect
  • neon sign mockup
  • Neon Layer Styles

Download Neon Font and Sign Collection Bundle

9) Neon typeface font – God’s own junkyard

Neon Typeface Font - God's Own Junkyard

This neon font takes inspiration from Chris “The Neon Man” Bracey.

Chris was a British designer and artist who owned one of the largest collections of neon signs and sculpture outside the United States.

Chris has his own studio, God’s Own Junkyard, in Walthamstow, North East London.

It includes a total of 92 glyphs – uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and some punctuation marks.

The font format is OTF.

Download Neon Typeface Font – God’s Own Junkyard Bundle

10) Awesome Street Neon Signs With Fonts

Awesome Street Neon Signs With Fonts

The pack includes 48 Neon Signs in a vector color set.

These Neon Signs Fonts collection are 7 Colorful OTF (OpenType) Fonts for editing signs.

This neon sign font is very impressive font.

Download Neon Typeface Font Bundle

11) Cursive Neon Tubes Font

Cursive Neon Tubes Font

Neon Tubes Cursive is the new version of our popular Neon Tubes font.

This cursive neon font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters along with common numbers, symbols, and Western European accents.

Neon Tubes Cursive has an almost hand-written cursive style and is re-inspired by real-world gestures.

This neon cursive font is a minimalistic letter form with smooth rounded corners and uses only lines with open start and end points.

Easily use it for online text content.

Create a neon effect for your website design in 2020 using pure css3.

These neon lights have become a very popular design element over the years and will be the future of 2020.

Download Cursive Neon Tubes Font Bundle

12) Night Neon SVG Font

night neon svg font

It is OpenType SVG font which you can type directly as Neon Glowing Letters.

Each glyph has transparent shadows and transparent lighting effects for a realistic neon effect.

This neon font is mandatory for retro billboards so we can say that it is neon retro font.

Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 is required to access the Night Neon SVG font.

Night Neon SVG Font – Red is created using FontSelf software.

Download Night Neon SVG Font Bundle

13) Neon Desmon – Neon Light Font

Neon Desmon - Neon Light Font

Neon Desmon is a modern neon light font that can be used for your store, branding, citation and title for magazine, film or product design.

Neon Desmon font is available with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbering and punctuation.

Neon Font Lite has OTF format.

Download Neon Light Font Bundle

14) Neon Absolute – Font Duo

Neon Absolute - Font Duo

The Neon Absolute font display is classy, ​​a contemporary pairing of scripted and uninspired fonts.

This font is inspired by the 1980s and neon lights.

Neon Absolute bundle includes 3 classy fonts, icon bonus vector.

Neon Absolute is a PUA encoded font – it can be used in almost any program with multilingual support, using your operating system.

Neon Absolute provides beautiful typographic harmony for a variety of design projects including logo and branding, social media posts, advertising and product design.

Download Neon Sign Font Bundle

15) Realistic Neon SVG Font Pack

Realistic Neon SVG Font Pack

Realistic Neon Font Pack contains different colors fonts light blue, red, green, purple, yellow.

When we use this neon svg font we can directly type as neon glowing letters.

Each glyph has a transparent shadow, transparent lighting effect, outer contour and inner contour for a realistic neon effect.

Download Realistic Neon SVG Font Pack Bundle

I have covered all the best neon fonts that you can download from third party websites. Also I want to know that some font may require software like photoshop.

All neon fonts are premium neon fonts so if you are going to make a purchase please check the details before purchase.

Neon font can be generated by Neon Font Generator software. Some designers use this type of font generator tool to generate this type of neon fonts.

If you found this type of neon font generator please comment here so that I can create new article on that topic and help others.